Build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter
South County Habitat for Humanity builds affordable homes in Washington County, Rhode Island. 

Applicants must meet three criteria:
- Need for housing: Applicant must have a need for better housing
- Ability to pay: Applicant must be able to pay an affordable mortgage
- Willingness to partner: Applicant must be willing to partner including completing required hours of "sweat equity"

To learn more about homeownership complete the inquiry form found here or call Alicia Johnson, at (401) 213-6711 x300.
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Examples of recently sold homes

Contact South County Habitat for Humanity
Complete Homebuyer Education Course
Board makes final decision
Home visit
Submit completed application
Attend new homeowner orientation
Complete 'Sweat Equity'
Close on home and move in
Complete Homebuyer Education Course
Contact South County Habitat